Faith + Work

We currently have small groups of business leaders meeting weekly, with a plan for continual growth and expansion into new groups. These groups will include churched and unchurched business leaders. We seek to engage the lost in the business community and leveraging the influence of church members.

Current groups meet Thursday mornings in Lenoir City, and Thursdays for lunch in Turkey Creek and around the West Town Mall area. For more information: Faith + Work Groups



DATE: Thursday, June 20th, 2024

TIME: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

COST: $20 for lunch

LOCATION: Lighthouse Knoxville


I've participated in 3 cohorts and I have enjoyed them all thoroughly.  After spending 20 years in vocational ministry, God called me into the business world.  The time spent in these groups reinforced my understanding that I never "left ministry" and that my ministry would continue through my work in every sense of the word.

These groups have challenged me to live out my faith through my job, seeing my career as an opportunity to serve God and minister and witness to others.  I have been incredibly blessed with encouragement and brotherhood as we seek to make every day a mission trip through our vocation.  I highly recommend any believer in Christ to join a group and discover how many amazing ways you can shine your light in the marketplace.


My biggest takeaway is the permanent change to my prayer life regarding my businesses.

I used to pray over big decisions or randomly as things would come up or I’d interact with people - but something that struck me from the reading was being more proactive and intentional about praying for one of the businesses every day, just like I do my kids and wife. And even to pray about potential businesses I’ll have in the future. For them to glorify God, my motivations to not be materialistic and for them to help people.

There are other smaller nuggets I picked up as well - but that change in my daily practice - intentionally praying for my businesses not just for what challenges or opportunities they’re facing - stands above them all.

- Andy Salyers


Details coming soon!