What is the Counseling Center?

A Christ-Centered, Biblically-focused place of hope and encouragement.

Why we do have the Counseling Center?

Because, stress, anxiety, depression and addiction are rampant inside and outside of the church, and we want to guide people to overcoming victory by the practical truths of the Word of God.

Who Does the counseling center serve?

The Counseling Center serves frequent attenders of First Baptist Concord, and the students and families of Concord Christian School, at no cost.

How does the Counseling Center work?

The counseling center of First Baptist Concord exists to meet needs with Biblical answers. Our care may include meeting with our in-house pastors and counselors, our church support ministries, or referrals to specialized counselors or ministries.

How to reach the Counseling Center?

Phone: 865-672-1455

Email: [email protected]

Small Groups

Divorce Care (Robby & Jennifer Martin)

DivorceCare’s life-changing support group guides people along the path of recovery after separation or divorce, enabling management of the emotional turmoil and giving practical tools for decision-making. DivorceCare is video-driven format, including nurturing feedback from Robby and Jennifer each week.

Begins Wednesday February 15, 2023, and running 13 weeks through May 17, 2023, in Room F110, 6:30-8pm. Contact [email protected] to sign up or click here for more information.