What to Expect

  1. Check-In: We are committed to keeping your child safe and secure while they are in Concord Kids, so every child is required to check into a computer and wear a security name tag. On your first visit, please see a volunteer at the Guest Check-In who will help you check-in for the first time and assign your child to a small group.
  2. Bible Study Group (BSG): Every child is assigned a BSG by age and grade, where leaders will care for and teach your child and they can build friendships with their peers. This is where kids open the Bible and learn God’s Word, play games together and pray for one another. You will drop off and pick up your child at their BSG room.
  3. Large Group: Preschool kids will join in a large group to hear from the Bible and sing and dance to high energy worship music. Elementary kids, kindergarten through 3rd grade will attend Rev during the 11 hour.
  4. Pick Up: When Concord Kids is over, parents must show their security tag when picking up. A volunteer/staff member will match the code on the parent security tag with your child’s name tag. If either of you lose your tag, please see a Concord Kids volunteer in the either the Preschool or Elementary lobby.

When you enter the preschool area, you’ll find a check-in desk and friendly greeters who will explain our name tag verification system and help your child get settled. Our campus has a variety of other security features as well, so if you have a specific security concern, feel free to mention that when you check in.

Concord Kids is offered at 9:15AM and 11AM.

Both hours are different for children in Kindergarten-3rd grades with BSG at 9:15 and REV Worship at 11.

We encourage parents of 4th-5th graders to send their child to one hour of Concord Kids (either while parents are in a class or serving) and bring your child with you to worship for the other hour.

We are located on the upper level of the Preschool/Children's Building, which is east of the tall Worship Center.

The Concord Kids Elementary lobby is on the lower level of the Preschool/Children's Building, which is east of the tall worship center. We recommend that you park behind the building and take the elevator or stairs to the lower level.

We recommend that you park behind the Preschool/Children's Building (this is the only parking lot behind the church, so it is easy to find).