FEBRUARY 2-3, 2024

Join us February 2-3rd for the 865 Men’s Conference. We believe God created you for more and wants to use men to build strong families, strong churches, and strong communities. Join us as we glorify God and make disciples by inspiring men to follow Jesus.

February 2 & 3

Friday Doors open at 6 PM, begins at 6:30 PM - 9:45 PM
(No Dinner Provided)

Saturday doors open at 8 AM, begins at 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM
(Grab & Go Breakfast Provided)




6:00 Doors Open - Enter Through the Gathering Space
6:30 Conference Begins - Worship Center
6:50 Session 1 - Mark and Jon Richt
7:50 Session 2 - Scott Dawson
8:40 Worship
8:50 Session 3- Bru McCoy, Dylan Sampson, and Chase McGrath 9:30 Dismiss


8:00 Breakfast- in the Gathering Space (Grab and Go)
8:30 Session 4 - Jimmy Houston
9:30 Session 5 - John Mark Harrison
10:15 Breakouts - Snacks Provided in Gathering Space
11: 15 Dismiss Breakouts/Break
11 :30 Session 6 - John Smoltz
12:30 Dismiss




Mark Richt

Former Head Coach Georgia Bulldogs
Current ACC Network Analyst


Jon Richt

Former football player at Mars Hill University. Coach at University of Georgia, University of Miami, and the Buffalo Bills. Current owner of D1 Athens and High school football coach.


Jimmy Houston

Professional Bass Fisherman - Also Known as "America's Favorite Fisherman"


Scott Dawson

President and Founder of Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association


John Mark Harrison

Pastor of First Baptist Concord


John Smoltz

Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher - Fox Sports MLB Lead Analyst


Bru McCoy

#15 University of Tennessee Wide Receiver

Dylan Sampson Action

Dylan Sampson

#6 University of Tennessee Running Back


Chase McGrath

#40 Former University of Tennessee Kicker


The Two Most Important Questions in Life by Allan Taylor – Kids Theater

Questions send one on a journey of exploration. Jesus used questions often to help people probe into their deepest thoughts. There are two questions that everyone must grapple with. They are most essential and necessary in determining one’s life journey and eternal destiny.

Influencing Lives Through Prayer by David Livingston – Training Center

The late Dr. Howard Hendricks, highly esteemed Bible professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, once said “Prayer is the one area of the Christian faith in which most of us crash and burn.” Does that statement resonate within you? Attend this session to learn how you can overcome the sense that you aren’t measuring up in your prayer life. Let us all agree: We can all learn to pray “better.” 

Here and Now: How To Live with Great Commission Intentionality by David Wiggins – Fellowship Hall

"And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place…” Acts 17:26

Where you live, where you work, the neighborhood your house is in, the place you get your coffee, the family and friends around you...none of these things are actually your idea. God has positioned you here and now for a purpose. Let’s discover what that purpose is and how to get to work on it!

Living As Men of Integrity by Tim Gomes – Blue Room

Satan's desire is to undermine Christianity and the Gospel, and one of the fastest

ways to achieve this is by discrediting the testimonies of those who follow Jesus. In our discussion, we will examine the current challenges that men encounter in 2024 as they endeavor to live with integrity. We'll explore universal principles applicable to all men, regardless of their current life circumstances. Come join us as we explore God's call for us to live as Men of Integrity, following Him faithfully in our daily lives.

Practicing the Presence of God by John Wyman – G202

How to practically live out who God has called us to be in everyday life by being led by Jesus every day. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. So in this session we will create a framework to practice regular rhythms of pursuing the presence of God in everyday life. Let us follow Jesus by living the life he has modeled for everyone within the responsibilities He has given us.

The Hard Work of Forgiveness by Dan Studt – G200-201

What is forgiveness, and why do we withhold it? How are forgiveness and anger related? What are common lies we believe about forgiveness?  What is the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation… and where does my responsibility end and the other person’s begin?  This breakout will include biblical instruction and practical applications to help you forgive those who hurt and have offended you.

Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering? by Troy Brown – G205

The reality of suffering confronts all human beings regardless of location, ethnicity, religion, or background. For many, it has led to doubting and even rejecting the idea of an all-loving, all-powerful God. In this session, we will unpack the philosophical and theological implications of this universal question and present the compelling Answer that Christianity offers to suffering.

Take Every Thought Captive by Jeff Rowe – G206-207

As Christians, we are often well trained in God’s righteousness (the good); however, our enlistment in God’s army places us at enmity with an unseen but very real adversary, Satan. In the Bible, 1 John 3:8 tells us, “The reasons the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work,” yet few Christians know how Satan attacks, how to battle the enemy, or how to win the war. This thought-provoking study will challenge you to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual battle for your soul.

The Gospel of the Second Chance by Arden Taylor - Chapel

Perhaps the saddest of all words is "It might have been." All of us can identify with that statement. We know how painful regret can be. To have missed an opportunity, or to have made a painful mistake can lead to despair and depression. We keep thinking how different things could have been if...But there is hope because there is The Gospel of the Second Chance.

Faith & Work/Sager Institute by Neil Koonce – Choir Room

Does your work matter to God? God cares about what you do Monday through Friday. We will explore how God has uniquely equipped you through your vocation to influence our community as part of one of the greatest mission fields - the marketplace!

How to be a Godly Man by Justin Malkiewicz – Yellow Room

Students from 6th-12th grade will have the opportunity to learn about what it means to a Godly Man. We will teach them to set their foundation on Christ and not of this world. This group will consist of a mix of teaching principles that are applicable for students and bonding with peers through fun activities. If you have a current student, please let them join us for a morning that will be impactful for the next generation of students!