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“for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” - Isaiah 56:7
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Taylore Haynes

My son Tony had two massive strokes on August 10 and is currently ìn Summit View nursing home. Please pray for peace and comfort from the Lord and a total restoratiion of his mind and body. Thanks and God bless you!

Received: November 7, 2021


Father God will you please hear my prayer to you to bring complete restoration and reconciliation and healing for our relationship between Sherri and Richard. We have been through a lot together and made it through until now. You know the desires of my heart. I am seeking reconciliation, I am asking for renewed and restored love. I am knocking and believing that you can open her heart and remind her of the love and laughter we have shared over the last five years.

I believe in Your healing and reconciliation. I believe that The Holy Spirit will work in both of our lives right here, right now and bring us back together and into the light. Father remove the enemy from our relationship. Cast him aside never to return again or have any influence or power in our union again.

Bring Your healing Lord. My hope is in You. My prayers are to You Lord. Give me the desires of my heart. Hear my heart Father. Bring us back as we were in the beginning and increase us ten fold. I love You and I Trust You and I believe You are working in us now, Today, Tomorrow and until we are called home

Received: November 6, 2021

MARTY fitzgerald

I love God and believe in God. I need prayers of protection finances and healing. I live with Mary Lavin 12 30 1960 John frieman 02 05 1940 and Jefferson Sadler 06 15 1962. All 3 adults worship satan daily. All 3 adults constantly brags that they are evil cynical forceful pushy controlling and demanding adults and claims NO ONE will ever stop them from being this way. All 3 adults constantly putting curses on me Marty daily. All 3 adults constantly drinking daily and controlling me Marty daily. I have no family no friends. Mary Lavin needs to stop drinking daily and stop selling her pain pills to Maria Francis Katie and Keith gofourth age 64. Mary's doctor Nicholson needs to put Mary in a rehab detox center and have her clean up her act and stop All the drama going on attacking me Marty daily. I applied for disability claim to have an income monthly for me Marty daily. The 3 adults constantly stopping me Marty daily and hurting harassing and attacking me Marty daily. Will you please pray for me Marty daily starting Now and allow God to start Blessing me with God's blessings. Praise God and thank you Jesus. AMEN.

Received: November 4, 2021

Amanda van Loon

Dear praying friend, I pray and hope you are close to Christ and are in good circumstances. Please continue to pray for my pregnancy, that all will go well with our baby. And for finding the right home, financial situation, for more finances, better financial basis, more income, a right job for me, and to strengthen our marriage.

And please pray for my husbands job and workplace, that his boss and manager will accept his request for a better 9 till 5 working hours structure, because of our situation which will change soon due to our first born. He now works sometimes hours in the evenings and weekends too and he wants to cut down on these unsufficient working hours because we can´t combine this any longer, now that we are becomming a family with a baby soon.

I am now in a job coach process with a christian job coach. Pray that this will lead to the right job for me that I can combine with our first baby girl and marriage. The baby is due around 10-01-2022. Wishing you lots of blessings, Amanda

Received: November 3, 2021


Please pray for deliverance for my family, for wisdom, please pray that we can be

equipped to meet the calling, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Please pray for our salvation and complete deliverance.

Received: October 25, 2021

Taylore Haynes

Please pray for my son Tony who has had two massive strokes and is in Summit View nursing home. Please pray the Lord will restore his body and mind completely. Also please pray for my friend's husband John who is suffering with diverticulitis and cannot empty his bowels. He will have to go to surgery if he doesn't get relief soon. Thank you precious prayer warriors for praying and God bless you!

Received: October 24, 2021


Please pray for deliverance from challenging times, that Jesus will sustain our faith,

and that he will have mercy on us in the situation, that he will grant a speedy

deliverance. Please pray for healing.

Received: October 18, 2021

Jeff LaLonde

I would like prayer that the Lord help me find a godly wife. I have been divorced and despite my best efforts have not found the right one. But I know that Jesus can redeem this area of my life. Easily! The Word says that "it is not good for man to be alone" (Gen 2:18). I have been praying for this for a long time. I know that the more people that get behind something in prayer the more powerful it becomes. And so I present my prayer request. Thanks

Received: October 14, 2021

Patrick Burke

Our 7 year old granddaughter Amelia, was taken to Children's Hospital 10/04/2021 with severe swelling throughout her body. Her kidneys are not responding to the medications as expected. In addition to physical healing, please pray for emotional healing, as multiple blood draws each day have been traumatic.

Received: October 8, 2021

Michele Ginder

Still homeless living in my car going on 5 months or more, lost count, need a home, I moved back to MI, I am soooooooooo lost, I am soooooo tired, my faith is weak and I am so sad.

Received: October 5, 2021

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