June 6-10

Crowder's Ridge | NC

Students who have completed grades 5-7 as of summer 2024


Wild Week is for students who have completed 5th - 7th grade as of summer 2024.

Wild Week is June 6-10, 2024

Wild Week is $500 which includes all travel, lodging, meals, t-shirt, rec, speaker, band, etc. The only thing not covered will be money for souvenirs or personal spending (parent discretion) and one travel meal.

There is a $50 non-refundable deposit due at signup.


Crowder’s Ridge Camp - 130 Camp Rotary Rd, Gastonia, NC 28052

We will be staying in dorms and cabins. Each cabin sleeps 8-12 students and each dorm sleeps up to 24 students. All rooms have bunk beds. Each dorm has a bathroom with showers. Cabins utilize a bathhouse that is separate for showers and bathrooms. Each cabin and dorm will have at least one adult. You will need a sleeping bag or sheets for a twin bed and pillow. 

During the majority of camp students spend time with their cabin mates and their friends. For our Rec time and morning worship we divide students into rec teams they compete on. Students will be paired with at least one friend on their rec team.

During camp students will be a part of two groups: Their room and rec team. They will spend the majority of camp with their room group and other friends. They will be with their rec team during recreation and morning worship. When students register for camp they are asked for one person they would like to room with. We will make sure they are in a room with that person. Rec teams are mixed gender and grade.

Some students bring clothes for rec time in the color of their rec team. However this isn’t required. Concord will provide every student a bandana in their team color to help us know which team every student is a part of.

We will be traveling with a licensed nurse who will handle medical situations. We also require all students to check in all medications (prescription and non-prescription) to our staff for safety.

Students will be allowed to bring their phones with them on the bus ride to and from camp. All students will be asked to send a message to their parents when we arrive to let them know we are safe and then will check their phones in for the remainder of camp. Phones will be returned when we get on the bus to come home. Service is very limited at the camp location but our staff will have their phones on at all times.

Wild week is completely run by and organized by First Baptist Concord.


  • Pillow and sleeping bag or twin sheets.
  • Bible and pen
  • TOWELS! Make sure you have plenty of towels as towels are not provided.
  • Athletic clothing for 4 days
  • Casual clothing for 5 days
  • Swimsuits (For girls: one piece or a tankini that covers the midriff)
  • Toiletries (Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Athletic shoes, sandals (must have heel strap), and flip flops for shower.
  • Jacket/sweatshirts
  • Flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Medications (all must be checked in with camp staff)
  • Money for snacks and merchandise.
  • Camp T-shirt (wear on last day)
  • Clothes for Late Nights (see above)
  • As a note - your student may want to bring athletic clothes in the color of their rec team.


  • Short shorts
  • No halter tops, or tube tops.
  • Clothes with questionable or inappropriate slogans.
  • Food, gum, candy or drinks.
  • Fireworks, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, or Weapons!
  • Nothing for pranks: shaving cream, water balloons, etc.
  • Phones are allowed on the bus, but will be checked in once we arrive at camp.


At Concord, we don't want a lack of funds to keep you from attending one of our events. We give out a limited number of scholarships for our events. If you are in need of a scholarship, please fill out a request by clicking the button.